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1. Future of Hospitality 'insights & inspiration' LinkedIn 'live audio' event for ALL hospitality and tourism leaders & career-pro's.

2. 'Thriving People' is a monthly 'live stream video' event: we talk leadership & career development, well-being, work-life balance & job satisfaction. Let's thrive.

3. 'Good-Growth' Strategies is a training video sharing some useful strategies to grow your business so it (and you) thrives.

4. 'Become Regenerative' is a case study about my own regenerative journey, showing you some simple things you can do too. [video]

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    David 'dC' Carruthers


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    David Carruthers Consulting

    Who am I?

    I'm a hospitality 'veteran' with 40+ years experience. I enjoyed a big multi-site group career in the UK & AU reaching CEO and then 12 years building my own group. I burnt out a decade ago, being hospitalised 5 times in 12 months, costing me millions and almost my life. My wellbeing recovery journey inspires me to prevent other leaders burning out too. I ran my group, making a difference in my community and developing a growing interest in sustainability which inspired me to do a 2nd masters, this time in regenerative economics, helping people, place & planet thrive.

    What do I do?

    • My mission is to inspire a regenerative Future of Hospitality that's a thriving Force for Good for people, place & planet.
    • 10-22 years ago my own hospitality group was increasingly becoming what we now describe as 'regenerative hospitality'.
    • I share insights through daily posts, weekly emails, monthly events and a podcast.
    • I help owners, founders and CEOs build thriving businesses through mentoring & in-house group training.
    • I also speak at conferences and gatherings.
    • Hope to see you at an event.